Thanks to the constant encouragement of teammate Ryan, I decided to race the Shenandoah Mountain 100 (SM100) race this past week, in what was to be my third 100 mile MTB race of this season. And I’m glad I did.

Not sure if I went in overtrained, but I knew from the get-go that I left my racing-legs in NJ. It didn't help that I couldn't sleep the night before the race.

  • crazy start up 20 deg. incline out of town - I went out too hard and a burned a match or two by the time we reached the city limits
  • first sharpish turn on gravel road, I burped my rear tire and almost slipped out, kept riding on under-inflated rear until aid #2 at mile 34

I have not raced here in years, maybe 2009 was last time I was here so I decided I would definately do this race. I watched the weather and pre reg'd.. I was looking forward to racing a smoother course since Michaux and Jungle got the best of me.. Although I don't remember all of Williams Lake course I don't remember it being rocky and I do remember a nice hill climb which I was actually looking forward to. 

As one of my favorite places to race and ride this years Jungle Habitat race did not fail to deliver. As rain moved in late Friday night and then again Saturday night conditions on the rocks were less than favorable.. This created a race course favorable to the more technical rider.. Needless to say I spent allot of time bouncing off wet rocks and roots. 11:00 AM and the Pro/Cat 1 field heads to the START line.. Now I did my usual which was to pre ride the entire course earlier.