Got to start on the 2nd row.  Had Dillon Van Wart and Steve right in front of me.  I was not nervous with them in front of me and knew they would be good starters.  As the whistle sounded, we lunge off the line and I get boxed in with a slower rider that was to Dillon's right.  I sit down and the second kick brings what seems to be the entire field by me.  I settle in and deal with the scrubs of the Killer Bs.

 I was able to make time on the wider turns and long straights.  Pick a rider here, pick a rider there.  Towards the end of my 3rd lap I close a gap and catch up to 10th/11th place.  I come around both riders and pull the train along the front straight at about 85%.  As we hit the grass and started into the turns and hills I punch and and only shed one rider.  The attack worked but not to my liking of shedding both riders.  I held back going into the steps and run up knowing the 2nd half of the course was to my liking.  On the run up I fell behind my trailer and know that I can dispatch him on the front straightaways.  As we roll to the finish line, I made sure to grab a few gears and get ready to jump around and make my move.  As we get 2 laps to go, I notice him look to his right at the cards, I stand up, put in an effort and get a gap.  That gap holds and grows a bit over the lap.  On the bell lap I see him creeping back and know he wants to keep me honest.  I kept my head down and rolled to the line in 9th place.  Overall a good day, not great with my start but the season can only go up from here.  I just uploaded my race to Strava and I have 2nd fastest lap of the day.  I know it wont stand but feels good to look at it now!