Coyote Hill was one of the best experiences of my life by far. Before Coyote Hill I had never been to an overnight camp for anything so I was a little nervous about going. I looked at the website and got the details for it and decided I wanted to go. I had all different kinds of pictures in my head of what it was going to be like. As we drove up Coyote Hill I was looking for a nice building for the campers and a nice pool and trail markers everywhere, man was I wrong. I saw a little sign that said Coyote Hill on it next to a house that looked like it could fit three people. I said to myself that there is no way this could be it.

We pulled in and I saw a bunch of other kids unloading their cars so I just followed the crowd. I signed in and everyone and their parents hung out outside Toms house(Toms the camp owner and director). We had lunch together and then our parents left. After they left we brought our bags to the cabins, which were not the nice hotel rooms I expected. I am not sure why I expected them but I did. That night we watched Ned’s Instructional Mountain Bike video.

The next week every morning we woke up at 730 and ate breakfast. The weather was overcast and there was a chance of showers for everyday so we started each day with a mechanics clinic. We learned everything from adjusting your breaks, truing your wheels, adjusting derailleur’s, and changing a flat at race pace throughout the week. After this we went back inside Toms house to talk about different aspects of racing and write in our journals. We talked about what we eat a few days before our races and what we eat during our races. We also talked about training and writing in training logs and putting our race results and how we felt in our logs. After this part of the day we had a little snack and went out to ride. We split up into two groups, one group made up of faster more race pace riding and the other more of a laid back just learning to race group. I was in the race pace group. We were led by Ethan who rides for the U21 USA team and Tom. This ride usually lasted for an hour/hour and a half. We would do interval sprints and work on our climbing and talk about looking at a course before the race to see where to drink and where good places to pass would be. We then came back to Toms house and had lunch. We hung out for awhile there and then went out for another ride. We split up into groups again and went out for about a two and a half to three hour ride. The singlet rack there was awesome and the conditions were wet and slippery, how I like it. After the ride we all came back and instead of showering in the showers, there was a little pond that we all jumped in and rinsed off. It wasn’t till the last day that I actually showered in the showers.

All in all it was the highlight of my summer. I learned so much and it defiantly helped me become a better rider. If I wasn’t too old I would go back next year. I will be racing up there for Toms race that he holds every year. Thank you so much to everyone that made it possible for me to go.

For more information on Coyote Hill, click [here].