So the horn blows and we are off into the doubletrack beginning the blue mountan race. Its the first H2H race this year 2012. A very unfamiliar group we have as well. But thats not a bad thing. We have some new racers challenging themselves to the H2H race venue. I don't know who they are but I am sure I will soon enough. As we make it to Monster we have already thinned out. The grey skies have not yet dropped any water. We are still dry and there is minimal wet spots on course. There are a few racers in front of me and I don't know who they are. New guys. New talent. I pressed on hard. I cannot see anyone behind be as I ease up on Ned.  Is this it ? Is this how its going to end ?   No it did not. I was passed by one of our group members and I ended up passing one.

I am not sure who these racers are. I will not know there names till the race is over and the results are posted. I will still at this point not know these racers.  Its still an unfamiliar group.

Now I feel I am all alone out on the race course. I come around for lap 2 and I am not sure what place I am in. No need for a bottle even though Mike Kutcharski is ready with a bottle for me. I press on at what I call a fast pace. It looks smooth at this point I pass the feed zone and turn into the doubletrack towards Monster. I see a rear wheel and hook on. Trying to draft another racer its my little break. I feel like I am in the zone. I completed the first lap and all was smooth. All of a sudden I am on the ground. Tangled up in my bike and off the trail straddeling a tree. My bike twisted up. Bars sideways. I hit the ground so hard and fast. As I opened my eyes and noticed my bike,the tangled mess and my tore up shoulder I was almost confused. One second I was on some guys wheel the next I was face down on the ground. Either way I was alive and well. I stood up made sure my arms and legs were ok. At this point a few racers past of the few they asked if I was OK which I greatly appreciated. It took me a few minutes to extracate my bike from the trees and then I had to go over my bike. Was the frame of ? Bars were totally sideways. I did not have a multi tool. If I turn them will they be tight enough to finish the race ? My brake lever was twisted. Moved back into position it was loose. Garmin twisted. I slapped it all together and jumped on my bike. 3-4 minutes after the crash I am moving again. Sore but I am on my bike. Pedals turning and thats a great thing.As I get past Monster I am starting to feel better, Now the grey sky opens up. This is not going to be my day. I looked up then down and said to myself   " self,,you can do this. as muddy and slippery as it gets just finish the race even if you have to run the bike across the line "   And so I pressed on. Believe it or not with that attitude alone I had a better race from that moment on. Although I was not able to keep hard efforts through the slick stuff I did finish the race. At the finish line were unfamiliar 1st and 2nd. Was I 3rd ?  After I changed and ate a little something I stood at the fire place inside and tried to warm up. I was cold and wet and cut up pretty bad. Results posted and I ended up 4th place. 3rd place was Marco Mora from Sid's ??  I did not see a Sids jersey out there.     Either way.. congrats to top 3 finishers. I will have to look out for Marco's new kit.  Now its time to go home and cleasn myself up. Go over my bike properly and rest rest rest.