With a good night's sleep and a solid breakfast under my belt I headed over to the start of the Stoopid 50 in Boalsburg PA. As I was going over the bike and spinning around a bit the impending weather was starting to show it's self with sprinkling showers that had everyone's mind on the thunderstorms that were to hit mid day. The start rolled out at a decent but controlled pace and we headed up the 3.5 mile road climb to hit the amazing Tussey's ridge.

Day 2 at Marty Cross started with some aches and pains for those that raced the previous day but a renewed spirit as the rumor was the course would be run in the reverse direction.  This would allow the prior day’s runup to be a slick ride-down and make the course just a tiny bit easier than the Day 1 edition.  As we arrived at the course, a quick course inspection revealed that it was in fact the same exact course and it would be ridden in the opposite direction as rumored.  This was great as it was familiar for those who would be racing both days but the groove of the course was quite a bit different.   This version seemed to have a better flow and as the course had 1 more day to dry with more grip in the turns giving the riders even more confidence.

This past weekend the CycleCraft/Bulldogs made their way over to Marty Cross(North Cross)’s two day event in Chester NJ.  The course was a beautiful winding course through the Telephone Poll farm that consisted primarily of grass with a few sections of pavement, gravel, a little mud, and a whole lot of pain.   Day 1 had a lot of good racing as the race was well attended and a sizeable attraction as it served for the New Jersey State Championship race.  Throughout the day the Bulldog colors could be seen in most of the races.    Even though the preceding days had a less than favorable forecast, the racecourse was in great condition for the weekend’s events.   The attraction of the day was a steep 100 ft. long hill that was possible to run up and ride up – neither of which being easy.

Coming into this race I was a little apprehensive. I'd heard some mixed reviews on the course's terrain, ranging from "Oh it's like KVSP" to "It's the hardest race course you will ever ride" I was hoping it would be closer to KVSP and so I was psyched when we pre rode the first two miles of the course and they were completely barren of rocks, definitely a good sign! I ignored my dad's warning of "It will get harder" and headed back to the start area, finished my warm up, and acquainted myself with a few of the other female racers. I felt kind of blah in the beginning of my warmup but then pumped up my tires a little bit (it felt like they were melting into the ground) and suddenly I felt a million times faster.