This was my first time going to the Coyote Hill Bike Camp I loved it. Everything at camp was a lot of fun and very informative.  One of the highlights of the trip was the amazing riding. Through the pine groves, over massive hills, down stairway to seven and riding the racecourse, everything was great. While riding it was easy to understand why this camp is so compelling to come back year after year. Another great part of the camp was the food.  It was all so good, form the pasta salad to the hamburgers and hotdogs.  There was never a time when I was hungry and felt like I needed more food. In fact, it was so good that one night a camper ate seven hamburgers and one hot dog. This event got him the title of “most food to weight ratio.”

Great job to all of our U19 Racers who threw down on May 7, 2011!

In the High School Men's A Race, Tim Bumpus, West Morris Central High School, was able to hold on to a podium position in his last high school race.  Tim finished up 3rd in a very strong field.  Right on his heels was Austin Muller, James Caldwell High School, in his first A Race finishing up in 4th.  Rounding out the Bulldogs in the A Race were Morgan Platt, from Long Valley Middle School in 6th and John Guifre from West Essex High School in 7th.  Morgan had a race ending mechanical in the Middle School A Race so he threw his hat in the ring for the High School Race.

The High School Open Women's Race saw  three young ladies that just aged up into the category take the podium, with Bulldog racers up on the Blue and White Boxes.  First place was awarded to Jessica Kruse, West Morris Mendham High School, last year's Middle School Champion.  Third place went to Lauren Steinman, who rode strong in only her second year racing.

Hell of Hunterdon, an 80 mile road "race" that covers 20+ gravel dirt roads, was held on March 25, 2011.  Four Bulldog racers, Ted Haack, Ryan Heerschap, Keith Licata, and Brian Lariviere, the author, all took to the line on that chilly morning, for what would be a good ride.  We anxiously awaited the start as we shivered and questioned our choice of clothing.  Although it certainly warmed up a little bit, the tops of our water bottles were still freezing 2 hours in!

Before long, we were off.  We made sure to keep ourselves safe and near the front and ensure that we hit the first dirt/gravel section no more than two rows back. . Ted did a ton of work in the beginning keeping the pace steady and discouraging any attacks.  All was well for Ted, up until his puncture on the second, burly dirt section...bummer!

After that, Ryan and I kept a strong Bulldog presence at the front, sticking our noses in the wind but not over exerting ourselves. I wasn't feeling awesome, but kept feeling better as the day went on.

Congrats to Jessi Kruse on her 2nd place finish at the 2011 MTB Nationals. Here is Jessi's race report...

Race day: I got up, had breakfast and then tried not to have a nervous breakdown, I felt better once I got on the bike and started spinning around... Chatted with some Cali girls and tried to take my mind off the race. Before I knew it, it was race time, I turned back to the staging area (I was on a rail trail) it was all going good, I did some efforts and felt blah, but I hoped that I had worked the blahs and was ready for some action. About 5 minutes from the staging area my chain had a temper tantrum and I ended up with a chain stuck between the cassette and rear wheel I went into total panic mode...