Congratulations to 3 Bulldogs who upgraded for the 2011 season - way to go guys, and good luck this season!

Jim Gardner to Cat 1 Mountain Bike

Ryan Heerschap to Pro Mountain Bike and Cat 1 Cyclocross

Jessi Kruse to Cat 2 Mountain Bike

Coyote Hill was one of the best experiences of my life by far. Before Coyote Hill I had never been to an overnight camp for anything so I was a little nervous about going. I looked at the website and got the details for it and decided I wanted to go. I had all different kinds of pictures in my head of what it was going to be like. As we drove up Coyote Hill I was looking for a nice building for the campers and a nice pool and trail markers everywhere, man was I wrong. I saw a little sign that said Coyote Hill on it next to a house that looked like it could fit three people. I said to myself that there is no way this could be it.

Over the long Presidents' Day Weekend, two of Team Bulldogs Pro Mountain Bike Racers headed down to Blacksburg, Virginia for a mini training camp.  Ryan Heerschap and Brian Lariviere were greeted with excellent weather and bike friendly roads which made for a great three days of training.  Thanks to some very detailed routes laid out by the Virginia Tech Cycling Team, they had a veritable smorgasbord of route options.

Team Bulldog Racer Keith Licata has been working hard in the Cyclocross arena all season long. His efforts paid off this past weekend (11/29/08) as he finished third place in the State of New Jersey in the Category 1/2/3 Men division. This is highest category available in the New Jersey Cyclocross State Championship Race. These racers compete for 60 minutes over interesting courses that make a cyclocross event. We wish Keith good luck as he goes into his final event of the season, New Jersey Cross Cup Race #6, Phillipsburg CX.