I kicked off my 2015 NUE racing season with the Cohutta 100. Forecast one week out: high of 72, sunny skies; forecast 5 days out: 80% rain & thunder, 3 days out: 100%, day of: we awoke to the steady drip of rain onto the motel’s sign attached to the railing just outside our room. I had met up with team-mate and long-time riding buddy Jeff O’Hara in Ashville, before completing the last three hours of my 12 hour odyssey together.

We lined up for a mass start of 200+ like-minded crazies, I managed to snag a spot in the second row and off we went at a quite blistering pace up a 2+ mile road climb leading to the hole-shot into the first stretch of 20 miles of single track.

What a great race at Mooch madness 2015 !! And for me this was one that I will definately remember for a while.. First off we had a pretty large group,, 23 riders. Then as many of you know,, especially in the 40-49 group every once in a while a local pro joins us,, Roger,, Greg,, etc.. and I am totally ok with that as it mixes things up.  At the start of our race Nick Morell I believe jumped out front and I followed. Close behind me was Greg and then I believe Greg.. LOL and then I believe Victor..

Great day yesterday at the Tourne for the Cycle Craft Fat Fondo. I pulled in a little after seven on a brisk single digit kind of NJ morning, and was greeted by a strong Bulldog presence - Tommy, Kris, Dom and Greg were there to work the event, and helped Cycle Craft pull off a super successful event, with somewhere north of 60 total participants. My AM task was to pre-ride the course and make sure the markings BP and I put up on Friday were still in place. Got back from my course pre-ride with twenty minutes to spare and got into race prep mode - layer shedding, bio break, drink prep, ...

On Monday, July 14th I participated in the Canadian-American Police & Fire Games.  It is basically an Olympic style event made up of about 70 different sports for the police & firemen to battle it out and this year it was hosted by York County, PA.