Yup, 20 years of the rump, and going strong. Use your extra fat Sharpie to hold July 12th for the 20th edition of the Bulldog Rump. Music? We got that. Pro-logue on the 'other' side of the park? We got that. We're pulling out all the stops to make this year's rump an extra special experience. 

The course is pretty sweet, including a shorter main lap, plus a prologue on the celltower side of the park for Cat 1 and 2, so be sure to bring your climbing legs.

Lap counts are as follows:
Cat 1: full prologue plus 4 main laps (18 miles)
Cat 2: abbreviated prologue plus 3 main laps (13.5 miles)
Cat 3: 2 main laps (7.6 miles)

Prologue, 2.7 miles:

Main lap, 3.8 miles:

Click here for an old-school copy of the course map: