On June 24, 2012, eighteen Team Bulldog members duked it out at the Lewis Morris Challenge State Championships; seven walked away with the title of New Jersey State Champion for their division. Congratulations to Tom DiNunzio (Cat 1 19-29), Jessi Kruse (Cat 1 Women 15-39), Tom Kruse (Cat 1 Single Speed), Mike Kucharski (Cat 2 30-34), Julian Lippner (Cat 3 10-14), Morgan Platt (Cat 2 15-18) and Brian Shernce (Cat 1 30-39).

The racecourse was fast, with swoopy turns and rolling descents, but deceivingly hilly with one six-mile lap containing 700 ft. of climbing. The Category 3s raced first thing in the morning, completing one lap of the course. Julian Lippner (U19) got the Bulldogs their first win of the day, with a time of 46:17, putting seven minutes between him and the next racer. The Cat. 1s went off next, racing three laps. Brian Sherence was the fastest Bulldog of the day with a blazing time of 1.32:08, scorching the competition in the 30-39 field and placing him on the top block. Tommy DiNunzio was the third fastest Bulldog of the day with a blazing time of 1.34:19. Tom Kruse, the underdog in the single speed open category, won with a time of 1.39:12. Not to be outdone, his daughter Jessi Kruse (U19) put in a solid ride with a winning time of 2.04:50. The category 2s were the last to race, and they were expected to complete two laps of the racecourse. Mike Kucharski won the state championships with the impressive time of 1:10.35. While Morgan Platt (U19) won his race with a time of 1.11:49 beating his tough competitor on the last few descents of the course. Overall it was a successful day at the races for Team Bulldog; keep your eye on teambulldog.com or facebook.com/teambulldognj for info on the upcoming Bulldog Rump race hosted by Team Bulldog.