Sandy came in and kicked our butts quite a bit, but we're up and fighting again!
Note the date change--Sunday, November 25, 2012!
We have a new venue for all the crazy 'crossers out there:
Walkill Valley Regional High School, 10 Grumm Road  Hamburg, NJ 07419
Please bring a lightly used or new coat for our coat drive--help out those in need as the cold starts to creep in.

Pre-register here.

Thank you racers for coming out to Kittatinny on this steamy Sunday and to our tireless volunteers for making the race possible! A fun and fast course, lots of smiles, and no major injuries - that's a successful day right there! Check out the results here.

The 17th Annual Bulldog Rump presented by Cycle Craft is scheduled for July 15th, 2012 [flier]. This race is again part of the Campmor H2H Race Series, the American Mountain Bike Challenge (AMBC— and it’s a higher value for National Points), as well as the four-race Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship. You’ll get a lot of bang for your buck at the Rump. C’mon down to KVSP in beautiful Andover for some fast paced racing action; the course offers a great combination of swoopy fast and slower technical sections, check it out here: Garmin file / good old map. For start times and to register online, click here.